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Please Help Us Fight Hunger Everyday

It has been estimated that every 3.6 seconds someone around the world dies from hunger. In fact since January 1st 2000 over 17,000,000 people have fallen victim to this slow, painful form of death. And the problem only seems to be getting worse.

But you can help make a difference. Everyday you can give a few moments of your time to help feed the hungry men, women, and children of our planet.

Below are links to websites that allow you to make free food donations to help feed the hungry. All you need is a few spare moments, and a caring heart. Please visit these sites daily and help make a difference in the world. Together we can Help Fight Hunger.

The Hunger Site

Every time you visit The Hunger Site and click the 'Give Free Food' button, 1 cup of food will be donated to help feed the hungry on your behalf. You may visit and donate everyday.

Free Donation

Free Donation will make a free donation towards food for the hunger everytime you visit and click the 'click to end hunger button'. Also allows you to click to help defeat cancer, house the homeless and more.

Stop The Hunger

Every time you visit Stop the Hunger and click the 'Click here and feed someone for free' button,2/3 cup of food per sponsor will be donated to feed the hungry.

Against Hunger

Against hunger allows you to donate food to the hungry, by taking surveys and clicking the 'click here to Feed the Hungry' button.Also features a surfbar that allows you to donate more food every three minutes.

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